Heart and Cancer Insurance Plans

Today, heart attack and cancer are the most common major diseases. If you take a moment and think then you will definitely remember a friend or family member who has experienced these tragic events.

Today, thanks to the modern medicines because of which people can fight these traumatic conditions and emerge victoriously. However, the costs associated with recovery could be a huge problem for many of us.

To counter these costs, you need a plan that can give you what other traditional health plans may not provide. Golf Coast Reserve National Insurance, the health insurance in Mississippi, can provide you the best cancer and heart plan insurance so that you won’t have to deal with any other issues rather than getting well soon.

Our Cancer Indemnity Plans pay lump sum “$10k, $25k or $50k upon the first occurrence of internal cancer or malignant myeloma.

In our heart care plan, on first heart attack and first major heart surgery plan we pay lump sum “$10k, $20k & $30k for first diagnosed of a heart attack.

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